Proposals and how it started.

Video from Deyonta Flash Twilight for Jan and Eveline Calis to catch the mis of Pernod

in 2008 he officially launched her in Dressage. It is believed that it is for him, as a novice rider, a breezebecause Sinai has run already so high in Dressage, but however, the opposite is true. His attitude is not as highly skilled as a rider and the aids are not given to the millimeter,is quite something else to happen than is asked.A highly trained horse is controlled by the aids through the sitting in the arena
In 2011 he hardly ridden Dressage Competitions, because he had focused in refining his horsemanship .and he had a very busy schedule for showing horses, but what he drove did result in an AVS Dutch Championship.

Results obtained from Deyonta Flash Twilight and Sinai Al Ray:

- Second in the class line-rein in Tilburg 2001
- First in the class line-rein in Tilburg 2002
- Second in her class at the Amateur show Mares 2003
- Second Place at Arabian Youth Festival in Tilburg 2003
- First in the Free Style Liberty class at the National Show 2004
- Fourth in the Eastern class for the smallest to St.Oedenrode 2004
- Second in her class at the Amateur show Mares 2004
- A third place at the 2005 Amateur show
- Second in the Free Style Liberty class in the 2005 amateur show
-Third premium during the mare show in 2005
- Fifth in Class 7 t / m 10 year old mares amateur show in 2006
- Winner in the Younghandlerscup 2006 during the amateur show

- Res. champion Merwede Dressage B-D/E Pony’s 2008,also best of

- Res. AVS Dutch Champion Dressage Ponies B-E 2008
- Res. champion Merwede Dressage L1-D/E Pony’s 2009, ,also best of

- Res. AVS Dutch Dressage Champion L1-L2-E-Ponies 2009
- Res. AVS Champion Dressage Youth League all class 2009
- Res. AVS Dutch Champion Dressage Ponies L2-E-2010
- AVS Champion Dressage Youth League all class 2010
- AVS Dutch Champion Dressage Ponies L-2011

Deyonta Flash Twilight trains seven days a week on average 3/4 hours per day.every year, the first Tulip Cup in Deurne on the agenda,,the event that the international show season for the Arabian Thoroughbred Horses opens.A very different experience so then an show at another pedigree.

At age 5 Deyonta Flash Twilight came into contact with equestrian sports through the purchase of the then four-year-old Arabian thoroughbred mare Sinai Al Ray.He also became acquainted with the many prejudices of this breed. Deyonta's career began with a demo of the Arab breed in the Benelux Open in The Hague in 2001.He then rolled further and further in the Arab world, and wanted to prove that this "dangerous breed that nowhere for virtue" does have many qualities in the 2002 Kelly Outhuijse was started in the sport and, in particular, Dressage, Allround class (Type, Dressage, jumping, Cross, Speed, Western Trail), ridingclass and Oosters.There followed many demos and competitions,Kelly with a Freestyle to Music and Deyonta Flash Twilight showed her, often all in Arabic outfits.

During the Arabian Youth Festival in Tilburg in 2003 he was jugde by the jury ECAHO Hr. Kemling, He said he could be under good supervision a big trainer. Jan Calis, one of the best trainers and for the purveyors of the Arabs, took on this task.

In 2005 had Sinai level Intermediate I reached and had to cut free.According to A very prominent trainer which was then quenched and now coach of the Olympic dressage team in Turkey, she could despite its smaller size, she was able to do the Grand Prix class.This would mean that Sinai had to ride under the Belgian flag because Netherlands is the only country category recognizes E-ponies.The choice was made​​, it was not feasible financially for us and it was decided that Deyonta Flash Twilight was going to take the baton from Kelly.

Simeon Sadik
Arrie (MA Azraff - Ibn Narav x Lunara)